European Kungfu Federation (EKF)

     The European Kungfu Federation (EKF) is an international governing body of the national and international Kungfu organizations in the Europe.

     EKF is propagating sports, peaceful, friendship and traditional Kungfu spirit.

EKF was founded in 2009 year together with 4 countries (Italy, Poland, Russia and Ukraine). Now EKF to consist:

Full members:                     Association members:

- Azerbaijan                         - China

- Armenia                             - India

- Belgium                              - Iran

- Belorussia                          - France

- Bulgaria                              - Kazakhstan

- Greece                                - Kirgizstan

- Georgia                               - Serbia

- Italy                                     - Sri Lanka

- Netherlands                        - Turkmenistan

- Poland

- Russia

- Spain

- Turkey

- Ukraine


      EKF constitute their respective statutes with according to EKF Rules and Regulations.

      The mean aims of the European Kungfu Federation are to development and promotion Kungfu principles among the people.

       EKF welcomes all Kungfu masters and schools to unity their cooperation in the international Kungfu activities.

The Regulations and Rules of EKF are the universal documents.

       EKF shall promote the following activities:

  • Open European Kungfu Championships

  • Open European Junior Kungfu Championships

  • Open European Kungfu Cups

  • European Judges Seminar and Refresher Courses

  • European Coach Training Courses

  • European Kungfu athletes Courses

  • International Training Kungfu Camps.

       The EKF is unwinding to the special directs:

  • Kungfu taolu (formal exercise bare hand and with weapons)

  • Kungfu sanda (full contact fighting)

  • Kungfu tuishou (push hand)

  • Kungfu taijiquan (tai chi chuan)

  • Kungfu light-sanda (light contact fighting)

  • Kungfu shuai jiao (wrestling)

  • Kungfu Wing Chun (taolu and fighting)

   There are the most important roles of Kungfu in the 21st century is developing and promoting Kungfu in all over the World.

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